A set of comprehensive and useful recommendations to keep your Drupal 8 site protected from the dangers looming the digital horizon . . .

An overview of Drupal security record ;

Security recommendations ;

Permissions recommendations ;

ls -al
Checking permissions
sudo chmod <permission number> <directory name>

Accessibility recommendations ;

<FilesMatch “(authorize|cron|install|upgrade)\.php”>
Order deny, allow
deny from all
Allow from

Updates recommendations ;

reports/available updates
Checking for available updates
Available updates for my site

Modules recommendations ;

Connections recommendations ;

Bot traffic ;

General security recommendations ;

Field you might want to change
Creating a backup

Drupal security … Frequently asked Questions ;

How to submit a security issue if you find any ?

An example

What are the measure steps to be taken while creating a release for a security issue ?

How does Drupal inform site -owners about a reported security problem in Drupal ?

To Sum Up ;